Welcome to Tabata. Tabata is a fast pace high-intensity interval workout designed with strength and cardio training built into one explosive session. Each interval is 6 rounds involving 30 seconds of heart pumping work followed by 10 seconds of active recovery and 60 seconds of total recovery between each interval for a total of 37 minutes. Make sure you fill up your water bottle because you are going to need it!

Join Jennifer on Thursday mornings at 6:15 am starting Thursday, August 3rd. and because you asked you can now join Jen on Monday Evenings @ 6pm starting August 21st

We are excited to welcome Jennifer Dixon to the WestSide Family.  Jennifer has been a member and gym regular for some time. Many of you have seen her around. Read more about her in the bio below.


Jennifer Dixon

Jennifer Dixon

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

My name is Jennifer Dixon.  I am a new Group Fitness Instructor here at Westside and I am extremely excited to be part of the Westside family!  I started my personal fitness journey over a decade ago after having my daughter and have never looked back!  About a year ago I started helping some of my amazing friends on their fitness paths.  It was those truly wonderful friends who encouraged me to become a certified trainer and supported me throughout the process.    I am super eager to meet, encourage, and to help motivate each of you toward a bigger, better, and healthier lifestyle!

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