Research has shown that there is between a $2 to $10 return for every $1 spent on health programs for employees. Fitness USA reports that employees who exercise incur healthcare cost 31% lower than those who don’t. 70% of those illnesses are due to lifestyle-related causes.

Investing in your employees’ health will save you money by reducing absenteeism, lowering your health care costs and improving staff productivity levels.

WestSide Athletic Club offers two affordable Health Partnership options, whether your company has 5 or 500 employees.

Gold Level Health Partner Sponsorship – $1000

Company name on a court banner, prominent display on all tournament and special event packages and advertisements, one Company Day at the club, initiation fee waived and 20% off monthly dues for employees. One club membership for the business owner or manager.  Sponsorship must be renewed annually for discounts to continue.

Silver Level Health Partner Sponsorship $250

Initiation fees to $75 for employees and offer 10% off regular dues  Health Partnership participants will be listed and linked on our website and in our newsletters. Sponsorship must be renewed annually for discounts to continue.

Please call 252-491-8626 or email for more information.

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